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Business of the Month

August 2021: Corteva Agriscience

August 2021: Corteva Agriscience

by Gemma Nichols

Welcome back legends! Back to announcing our highly anticipated Business of the Month for August 2021...Corteva Agrisceince! We recently chatted to the team over at Corteva Agrisceince about what impact they have seen since implementing TradeMutt gear on site.

Business: Corteva Agriscience
Location: Global
Employees: 10000+

Our journey with TradeMutt started in 2019 when we first found out about the awesome shirts that started conversations.

“Up until then, TradeMutt’s workwear had mostly been taken up by the building, construction and mining industries, but we could see a lot of similarities in the rural communities where Corteva works with resellers and farmers,” Karen Deane, Communications Manager said.

“While we had no way of knowing what 2020 had in store for us all, at the end of 2019 we acknowledged the tough 12 months Australian farmers had endured after fighting fires, drought, and floods, and distributed more than 500 unique Corteva TradeMutt shirts to agricultural suppliers, staff and customers.

Karen said the impact the TradeMutt shirts have had on Corteva staff and company culture cannot be overstated.

“The shirts have created so much more awareness of the importance of reaching out, asking if someone is ok and starting conversations on a regular basis,” she said.

“Internally,  we have now created a focus group which involves a member from every department, customer facing or not, to discuss what we are doing to ensure all staff feel supported and how we are getting the message out there and more importantly helping people.

“Through our employee assistance program, every member of staff has been offered mental health awareness training, so we all feel comfortable and fully equipped to have conversations and steer people in the right direction towards help if needed.

“Beyond our own office walls, out on the road for our sales managers, it is amazing to hear how customers are opening up to a conversation based simply on the TradeMutt shirt.

“We’re hearing how farmers are sharing worries of their own that we would never have known about otherwise. Mother nature has a huge impact on farming in positive and negative ways, which is particularly challenging, so as a company we feel humbled that this relationship with TradeMutt have allowed us to play a part in supporting our farmers in a new way.

“Regardless of the sector, I would encourage all businesses and companies to consider how they can collaborate with TradeMutt. The shirts are great quality, they’re unique and they 100% do what they say they will – start a conversation!”


  • G’day all!

    It’s incredible to see the energy being generated by such a simple idea. I am from a rural background and now am an electrician. I have been wearing your gear for about a year now and I am constantly being stopped on site and around town by people that are at first amused by the outrageous designs but then welcomed by the story.

    I work in a town with a huge percentage of defence personnel and when I’m working at their homes and they hear the story almost everyone shares with me a story of loss. I can feel the impact that my shirts have had on my community and felt you guys needed to hear that your reach is huge, your energy is infectious and what you are doing is more important than ever!!

    Thank you!

    Pat on

  • Brilliant stuff!
    I had the pleasure of chatting with a couple of the folks at Corteva AU, who were absolutely lovely.

    The unique design of the Corteva TradeMutt shirts is close to being my favourite at the moment too and has led to a number of greats chats between myself and others as well.

    I think it’s great to see how businesses like Corteva are supporting not just their employees, but also their customers and associates as well!

    Kim PETERSON on

  • Hey guys just noticed a typo you may need to edit :)
    SEE: Welcome back legends! Back to announcing our highly anticipated Business of the Month for August 2021…Corteva Agrisceince!. We recently chatted to the team over at Corteva Agrisceince about what impact they have seen since implementing TradeMutt gear on site.
    Hi my name is Viv a Trainer Assessor for if you or your staff interested in any courses specialising in RPL’s for Industry exoerienced wanting to gain a Qualification in Cert III or IV’s in Business and Small Business Management or in Landscape Construction and other Trades.
    Give us a plug happy to share your Busibess also.
    Regards Viv

    Vivienne EDMONDS on

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